Teamspeak 3 Information

Everybody is welcome to join us on our Team Speak Server, provided you follow our TS rules.

Rules are easy and simple, Do not abuse our TS server and try to keep the profanity down to a minimum. Yes cursing will and does happen, especially in the heat of battle, but please try to limit (only to the use of "light swear words" and stay away from the heavier offensive words) and control yourself, every other word does not need to be profane. We are not condoning the use of swearing, only that it does happen, we would prefer you not to use them at all. If your words get excessive and/or offensive, you will be asked to keep your language in check as we try to run a family-friendly environment, if you do not comply, you will be asked to leave and/or banned.

Please be respectful to all while on our Team Speak server (and game server), there is no reason to be rude or crude, there is a very diverse group of people (members and guests) on our TS and everybody may not have the same sense of humor or appreciate being attacked even if it is meant in a joking manner, if you can not be respectful on our server, you will be asked to leave, or will be removed forcefully and/or banned.

Please keep the the channel(s) clear of lengthy conversions, remember other people are trying to communicate with each other also, if you find yourself engaged (or potentially engaged) in a lengthy conversation, please go to another channel.

Go to theTeamspeak Website to get TS3, instructions are easy, just download the client version of whatever operating system you are useing and follow the install steps.

We would prefer you to use ´Push-to-Talk´.

}PsT{ TS3 Server IP And Password
Password: passtarfu

Click the link below to make a donation to the }PsT{ Team Speak 3 Server.

Make a donation to the }PsT{ TS3 Server

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