}PsT{ Server Rules

The "ART" of Sniping as seen by }PsT{

A sniper is deliberate, silent, and deadly. There is no running, jumping, or noise made when a sniper makes his move. }PsT{ members play as snipers and we expect our guests to do the same.

The rules listed below are to help you understand what we do and don´t condone as snipers. These rules are not here to restrict any enjoyment of the game, but to make it fair for everyone and thus enhance everyone´s enjoyment of the fight. Any player repeatedly breaking any of these rules, will be kicked (or possibly banned).

}PsT{ Definitions/Rules:

These rules/conditions are not negotiable or up for debate and all definitions such as "camping" is by }PsT{´s definition and not what your definition is.

"Hide": refers to a snipers camping spot.

"Close Kill Mod": This mod is in place to help prevent players from getting assaulted, it is illegal to back out of range and shoot the player (it is considered a run and gun). If you find yourself in the range of the no close kill mod, you will not be able to shoot the person being protected by it, you will also hear glass breaking and you NEED go find another spot to camp in.

Running and Gunning

**Examples of running and gunning include (but are not limited to): *** Note it is possible to be in one spot and not be camping, just because you are in a single spot but you are constantly moving in that spot...that is NOT camping. Snipers do NOT bounce and move continuously, snipers try to stay concealed in their "hide" to avoid giving away their position. Camping is to be done at all times!

Stealth Movement

**Examples of when some stealth movement would be acceptable: **Examples of when stealth movement would not be acceptable:

Elevator/Teleporter Camping

Spawn Killing

Although it is ethical for the occupant of that camping spot to let you go, there is no rule stating that they have to let someone leave their spot. }PsT{ members will let you go if you enter their camping spot unless you gave them a reason not to trust you. If someone lets you leave their spot please return the favor.

Revenge Killing


Image Dropping



Last but not least: If you DO NOT like our rules/mods/game style or whatever... DON´T PLAY HERE!!! There are plenty of other servers you can play on.

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