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Unreal Tournament Links
Unreal Tournament Unreal Tournament Official Web Site
Planet Unreal Also a great place for UT information
The Unreal Admin Page Forums: Post and find answers to UT troubles

Recommended Sites
Lavasoft the makers of AD-Aware Keep your computer free from Adware, can be downloaded and used free for personal use
Malwarebytes Is a site dedicated to fighting malware. Malwarebytes has developed a variety of tools that can identify and remove malicious software from your computer, they do have a free version

UT Sniper Clan Sites

Bonez World Assassins
}{BwA}{ Clan

Zark Sniper Zone
[ZSZ] Clan

Freak Show Players
[FSP] Clan  


Master Of Snipe
[ZSZ] Clan

Stealth Sniper Squadron
<S.s.S> Clan

Thrill Kill Klan
]TKK[ Clan - We need an image from ]TKK[!

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