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The Phoenix Sniper Team or }PsT{ is a family friendly Unreal Tournament ´99 camping/sniper clan. Founded in February 2006, our members strive to achieve and maintain a high degree of competence in the skills and values associated with "TRUE" camping, sniping, and sportsmanship. }PsT{ members are also willing to take the time to help our visitors learn the mechanics of the game and its tactics, as well as assist them in understanding and abiding by "TRUE" camping and sniper rules of play.

}PsT{ seeks to foster and promote respectable relationships among all players and clans within the UT community and will, by example, demonstrate this in all games, matches, and tournaments. So, if you´re interested in camping and sniping, and want to enjoy a relaxing game, come visit our game server!

We look forward to exchanging frags with you soon!


 US - NY   US - Chicago   US - Denver   US - L.A. 

 UK - London   DE - Berlin   AU - Sydney   NZ - Auckland 

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